Craig Eddie
Craig Eddie
Director / Principal Ecologist & Tour Guide

Take some time and you will see that Craig is more than just South West Queensland’s walking natural history guide, as he is known around these parts. In addition to being an ecological encyclopaedia, Craig is a huge fan of the Brisbane Broncos. Rivaling his love for the Broncos is that which he feels toward snails. From boyhood, Craig has had an inexplicable fascination with snails and is even credited for the discovery of a number of new species. Just ask him about the ones with fuzzy noses, if you dare. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Craig might be most surprised to learn that he plays the didgeridoo and enjoys listening to heavy metal on long drives. Fear not, we don’t play any music which is out of favour with our tour-goers!

Meryl Eddie
Business Manager & Tour Guide

Jack of all trades, Meryl is friendly and accommodating and will help make your experience one to remember! She loves horses, used to show cattle and managers their grazing farming property north of Roma.  Meryl is able to fix a fence, change a tyre, brand cattle and in her youth would run rings around most on a sporting field.  Meryl is also heavily involved with the local community, setting up the charitable not-for-profit Maranoa Wildlife Caring & Education Centre and initiating a local Junior Touch Football Competition.  Interestingly enough, Meryl is not a fan of heavy metal.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson
Senior Ecologist & Tour Guide

Richard is a big proponent of opportunistic napping and never wastes an opportunity to take one, but how can you blame a guy who has lived in over 5 countries? Richard moved from England to Zambia around the age of 9 and will tell you that it was a great place to be a kid. He remembers being warned against trying to catch monkeys and deciding to go for venomous snakes instead. Eventually he landed in Australia where he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge regarding local flora, fauna, and the region’s natural history. Like Craig, Richard once fancied a bit of heavy metal (namely Black Sabbath) however these days his playlist features more blues and Baroque. 


Rosamund Aisthorpe
Botanist & Tour Guide

Rose is a local gal whose love of plants is a fire that was lit at a very young age. In fact her mother will confirm that Rose’s first multisyllabic word was Eremophila, the scientific name for Emu Bush. You may recognize her bright smile from an episode of ABC’s Gardening Australia, which featured her parents’ garden many moons ago. At some point during her tweens it occurred to Rose that learning the Latin names of various gum trees was not a common pastime among her peers and that she must follow her destiny to become a Botanist! Another of her passions includes Geology, which makes her a great match for her partner who is a professional opal miner and cutter. Her favorite animal of the moment is the Rough-throated Leaf-tailed Gecko, which she rates as the Coolest. Lizard. EVER.

Michael Cunningham
Senior Ecologist & Tour Guide

Michael grew up in the Blue Mountains and New England areas of NSW – cool, misty, mountains. Before joining BOOBOOK in July 2019, Michael lived, worked and travelled through Southern Africa for a couple of decades. He taught ecological genetics at the Universities of Stellenbosch, the Free State and Pretoria, while doing research on frogs, lizards, fish, hyrax and birds of the local cool, misty mountains. He’s still enthusing about similarities and differences in ecology and habits, there and here.  Michael is a fan of music from Albenoni to Zeppelin, but if you really want to get him excited, start a conversation about frogs.


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