How to Prepare for Snake Season

Eastern Brown Snake

With the school holidays in full swing, now is a good time to spring clean your back yard and prepare for snake season. The spike in temperatures will mean that the reptiles will be more active and looking for food. Not all of our local snakes are dangerous and most of those seen around the home are simply passing through.

Here are some things you can do to make your house, garden and the back shed less snake-friendly:

  • Clean up any leaf litter, piles of logs, bricks, rocks, tin or other “hiding places” around your yard which can be attractive hiding places for snakes. If you can’t remove them entirely, place what you can up off the ground on concrete blocks or racks.
  • Keep your lawn and any immediately surrounding grassy paddocks around it cut as short as possible. Snakes dislike areas that are devoid of adequate cover.
  • Trim tree limbs, bushes, shrubs and hedges neatly. Low-hanging growth provides natural snake climbing and hiding opportunities.
  • Check for any holes around your house such as roofs, underneath the house, garages etc. Block any holes you might find.
  • Make it a habit to discard any clippings or mulch away from your property as this makes a comfortable home for snakes to rest in.
  • Protect your chickens or other birds by ensuring their aviaries or pens are secure. Keeping these tidy will also detract snakes from entering.
  • Eliminate any food sources that might attract mice, therefore attracting snakes.  Clean up uneaten seeds under bird feeders daily. Keep tight lids on the garbage bins outside. Feed your pets indoors. If that’s not possible, feed them outside once each day and bring food and water dishes in as soon as they have finished. Seal pet foods and bird seed mixes in hard plastic or metal containers with tight-fitting lids to avoid attracting rodents.
  • Pest control is also important to maintain throughout the year to stay on top of any new critters.
  • Remove outdoor water sources to deprive snakes of necessary moisture. Eliminate pooling water. Fix leaky spigots and hoses. Avoid overwatering lawn and gardens. Moist environments are highly attractive to insects, frogs and rodents. This further invites the presence of snakes.

When tidying up around the yard don’t forget to wear long pants, long sleeves and gloves in case you encounter some unwanted guests. For safety reasons have a few hands on deck when you conduct your clean up.

Wear shoes and carry a torch at night as some of our snakes are nocturnal (come out after dark). Mostly importantly, if you see a snake, don’t go near it or try to kill it. Stay calm, keep pets and children away and allow the snake to move on of its own accord if possible. You may call us on 07 4622 2646, as Boobook does offer a snake catching service (fees apply).

Underside of dead Eastern Brown Snake

Underside of dead Eastern Brown


Our catchers also run tours with Boobook Ecotours, so you know you’ll be in good hands if you come on tour with us.


Both Pictures are of an Eastern Brown found dead on the road in Roma on September 19th 2017.


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