Outback Queensland’s Dr Dolittle

Richard Johnson (BOOBOOK Senior Ecologist) loves conversing with animals. He has been face to face with a roaring silverback Mountain Gorilla in the Congo and a less-intimidating, though equally rare, leaf-tailed gecko in a tiny patch of vine forest near Kilkivan, NW of Gympie, Queensland.

On ecological surveys around Roma in Outback Queensland he has found new snail species and he has collected blind snakes out in the Mitchell Grass Downs that are still to be identified. He also reckons he saw a Mahogany Glider a few years before they were officially ‘discovered’ by someone else.

ecologist tour guide ecotours Roma Queensland

    Should you get the chance, let Richard be your guide on a BOOBOOK’s Wheat, Wells and Wildlife Ecotour and he’ll show you one of his favourite places in Outback Queensland – Eurombah Creek.

    Maybe he will take you for a paddle and you’ll see a platypus in the early morning mist

    • Or explain what fish he can see in the Creek
    • You might find a koala in one of the blue gums lining the banks
    • Or spot a White-Throated Snapping Turtle – the largest fresh-water turtle in Australia and considered Critically Endangered
    • And Richard will be able to identify all the birds you see and hear

    Bet you wouldn’t find all that fauna without Dr Dolittle by your side.

    As one of BOOBOOK Ecotours most popular guides Richard loves interacting with visitors and sharing an outback experience with them. This may be walking an unexplored gorge in the Carnarvon Ranges, or a wine and cheese afternoon at the Arcadia Valley lookout on Wallaroo Station. And he’ll be talking to the animals along the way.

    Particularly chatty, is his dog Chilli, who gets all his attention when he’s at home. Their daily 5km walks get them both up and at ’em in the morning. Give them a wave if you see them around Roma.

    It is, however, rumoured there is one creature that does daunt Richard – an angry or upset client. Thankfully these beasts are mythical on a BOOBOOK Ecotour.

    Want to come and check out one of Australia’s wildest frontiers?