New Zealanders Fall in Love with BOOBOOK’s Ecotour “Wonders of Wallaroo”

BOOBOOK Ecotours and their partners Pauline & Justin MacDonnell from “Wallaroo” recently hosted a section of the “Big Sky Country Drive Outback Tour” to showcase inland Australia for New Zealand Travel Agents in conjunction with Outback Queensland.

Here’s what our guests had to say:

The NZ Famil Tour Group.

  • Excellent from start to finish
  • The glamping tents were amazing
  • The food was fresh, delicious and perfect for the location. Warm home cooked meals.
  • The wealth of knowledge of Craig was outstanding. BOOBOOK’s ecologist guide, Craig Eddie, was “an absolute legend, very knowledgeable and I learnt lots”.
  • Justin & Pauline are great hosts

Highlights recorded by guests from this short overnight adventure included the Arcadia Valley Lookout, Cycads, Sunset with wine and Rainbow Caves.

And here’s how our guests summed up their tour:

  • “Great authentic experience, educational, beautiful scenery and amazing hosting service”
  • “Amazing, such a lovely area, wish we could stay longer”.
  • “This was a fantastic outback experience, loved it. No crowds / loved the night walk”.

If you’ve seen Australia’s capital cities, Barrier Reef and beaches and are looking for something new then BOOBOOK’s Ecotours located in Outback Queensland may just be for you.  Tell your friends and get a small group together (around ten is ideal) and then contact BOOBOOK Ecotours and let us help you arrange your next real authentic outback experience – we can design a tour just for you!


Retiring by the campfire.


This trip was also published in Travel Memo NZ , written by Samantha Worthington, one of our guests. Click the link to read all about it.

Want to come and check out one of Australia’s wildest frontiers?