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Craig Eddie – our intrepid leader is a walking natural history guide. In addition to being an ecological encyclopaedia Craig is a huge Brisbane Broncos fan and lover of land snails. From a very young age Craig has had an inexplicable fascination with wildlife and plants. Land snails is one of his special interest groups to the point that he now has one of the most amazing collections in Australia, including many new species which he has discovered. In his down time Craig enjoys playing the digeridoo and listening to heavy metal.

Richard Johnson – senior ecologist come tour Guide has lived in over 5 countries, moving from England to Zambia at around the age of 9. Zambia was a great place to be a kid. He remembers being warned against trying to catch monkeys and decided to go for venomous snakes instead. Luckily for us Richard eventually landed in Australia where he has continued his childhood interest and accumulated a wealth of knowledge about our local flora, fauna, and the region’s natural history.

Scott Akins-Sellar – tour guide / senior fauna spotter / keen as mustard cyclist probably spends a good 50% of his life in Lycra. He has earned himself a resting heart rate in the 30’s by living an adventurous life which he does not take for granted. Some of his adventures have included: abseiling Wollomombi Falls in NSW, climbing the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and cycling all over New Zealand and Australia, sometimes clocking over 175 km a day. When forced to choose a favourite junk food, Scott names hot chips….for the electrolytes! Fact…Scott went to school in Sydney…with Wolverine!

Justin MacDonnell – “Wallaroo” Owner and tour guide, with his wife Pauline and 3 young children is lucky enough to call “Wallaroo” home. “Wallaroo” is a 71 000 acre cattle property located in the Carnarvon Ranges. In earlier days Justin worked as an accountant both in Australia and the UK, and spent his spare time travelling around Europe, Russia and Africa.  These days however he much prefers to chase around after kids and cows.  If given the opportunity, Justin follows all sports.  He loves talking politics and if the cattle and tourism venture falls over, he’s going to try his hand at being the Prime Minister of Australia.

Meryl Eddie – Tour Guide and Business Manager. Meryl has a long history in the local community, and a strong farming and natural resource management background. Jack of all trades, Meryl is down to earth, friendly and accommodating and will help make your experience one to remember! She loves horses, shows cattle and manages their grazing farming property north of Roma.  Meryl is able to fix a fence, change a tyre, brand cattle and in her youth would run rings around most on a sporting field.  Meryl is also heavily involved with the local community, setting up the charitable not-for-profit Maranoa Wildlife Caring & Education Centre and initiating a local Junior Touch Football Competition.  Interestingly enough, Meryl is not a fan of heavy metal.

Ella Borchert – tour guide and fauna spotter catcher. Ella has always had a passion for Australia’s native wildlife and loves to get out and explore the great outdoors. Whether by 4WD, dirt bike, horseback, or foot, Ella takes every opportunity to get out and find an adventure. Her travels have taken her to many exciting places; one of her favourites was in Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory where she drove 85 tonne dump trucks during the construction of the tailings dams, explored Arnhem land, and learned about Aboriginal culture at every opportunity.

Rosamund Aisthorpe – Botanist / tour guide, is a local gal whose love of plants is a fire that was lit at a very young age. In fact her mother will confirm that Rose’s first multisyllabic word was Eremophila, the scientific name for Emu Bush. You may recognize her bright smile from an episode of ABC’s Gardening Australia, which featured her parents’ garden many moons ago. At some point during her teens it occurred to Rose that learning the Latin names of various gum trees was not a common pastime among her peers and that she must follow her destiny to become a Botanist! Her favourite animal of the moment is the Rough-throated Leaf-tailed Gecko, which she rates as the Coolest Lizard EVER!

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