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Hi, I’m Meryl and I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to help review the Roma Big Rig Oil Patch display along with other people from within the region.  A few years back the Maranoa Regional Council produced The Big Rig Master Plan, which identifies a lot of great actions.  Unfortunately funding availability has restricted the implementation of many of the bigger items to date.  Now, a few years down the track we have the opportunity to revisit and perhaps improve the plan in light of new innovations now available. This will have a huge impact on tourism in the area.

Tourism project team

Some of the Big Rig Oil Patch Review Team

In my mind the facility has two major purposes.  One as a Visitor Information Centre – acting as a major dispersal point for visitors to other Maranoa tourism products and destinations, like BOOBOOK’s Ecotours.  The second purpose is to be a major Tourist Attraction in its own right – telling the nationally significant past and current story of oil and gas and how it works in this region.

Recent changes have set the facility on a positive path of achieving the first purpose.  Already there have been significant increases in visitations and attendance at the Night Show by just changing little things, such as the location of the visitor reception area.  There has also been a tender put out to improve and upgrade the night show.

For the second purpose there is a little way to go and lots of things we can do.  I’m really interested in your ideas of how to make this a world class attraction, that is both interactive, informative and lots of fun for all ages.  There is a great foundation and considerable infrastructure already in existence which shouldn’t be ignored in future plans; however don’t let existing fencing, buildings and exhibits limit your imagination.

I’m interested to hear what you might want to show your friends, learn about or see when you go to The Big Rig Oil Patch.  What could we do to make this a “One of Kind” and a “Must See Bucket List” attraction?

Vintage equipment you can view at The Big Rig

Vintage equipment you can view at The Big Rig


Yes, we already have a few ideas to add onto the existing plan, however I would love to hear your ideas too – you never know it could be just the one to make all the difference.

Email me with your ideas:

by Meryl Eddie, BOOBOOK Ecotours, Roma Qld

Feature Pic By Katrina Ayers Photography

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