Hot Temps bring Reptiles to Life in Roma

bearded dragon found in Roma Outback Queensland

The last few weeks have been very busy with reptile relocations for our team here at Boobook. This was due to the dry and very hot (over 40 degrees Celsius) conditions we were experiencing in the Roma Region.

Here’s a few tidbits from our jobs:

The little fellow above is an Eastern Bearded Dragon and was in the middle of the paddock today near Roma, in Outback Queensland, trying to blend into its surroundings.  Not doing much of a job of looking like its’ surroundings here.  Maybe a log would have been better? If you do happen to spot one of these very common lizards watch how they change their colour according to how warm they are. You’ll see various shades of yellow and grey, right through to black. If you get too close they will probably just stay still, or at worst they will puff themselves up and show their bright yellow mouth lining. Unlike the Frilled Lizard, these dragons don’t have the big skin flap around their neck.   Often seen on tour with us.


Legless Lizard in Roma, Outback Queensland ecotours

Legless Lizard


Found having a swim in a local backyard pool at Roma in Outback Queensland.  This little fellow (Leaden Delma – a type of Legless Lizard) couldn’t climb back out again.  Meryl from BOOBOOK (Business Manager) scooped him out and released him in a lovely garden nearby.  Although they appear very similar to snakes, if you take a careful look you will spot some differences such as tiny flaps (their ‘legs’), ear holes and a blunt tongue (not forked). Although legless lizards are quite common they are usually very speedy so it’s not often you get a chance to get up close and personal with them. 




Reptiles Roma, Outback Queensland

Eastern Brown Snake

Craig, BOOBOOK’s Principal Ecologist and Guide, was aiming to have a day off after a huge week of conducting fauna surveys in the region.  It was not to be though – four snake call outs later and the day (and part of the night) was gone.  Might have something to do with the very hot weather we’re experiencing at the moment – the snakes are looking for nice cool spots to beat the heat.  This lovely fellow (Eastern Brown Snake) was trying to share the shade with locals at one of the pubs in town.  No harm done, he couldn’t break into any of the Kegs.  Safely caught and released out of town.

Green Tree Snake on Boobook Ecotour

Green Tree Snake


This little fellow (Green Tree Snake) was safely caught by Meryl at a local business in the township of Roma.  It has now been relocated out of town in some bush land where it continued on its merry way. Although they might give you a fright at first glance, Green Tree Snakes have no venom and are harmless. They come in a range of colours from black to blue but are most commonly green as the name suggests. Watch the blue ‘flashes’ as they move their scales along the side of the body.



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