Ecotourism: More than Just a Trip Outdoors

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Ecotourism is defined as ‘tourism directed towards natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife’. As ecologists, botanists, flora, and fauna experts, the BOOBOOK team aren’t just guides, they’re scientists. Dedicating their lives to ecological exploration and understanding has led the team to become ecotourism providers.

Ecotourism providers are dedicated to the conservation of their destinations through thoughtful and sustainable travel.

‘Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints’ is our motto.

As the fast-growing sector of the global tourism market, what do ecotourism providers do?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Taking practical, tangible steps to environmental conservation is the is an integral part of ecotourism and BOOBOOK’s daily practice. Reducing waste, reusing everything possible and recycling is just the starting point of BOOBOOK’s tangible actions.

Reducing waste is a simple principle when you start to look at all of the plastic packaging around us.

The biggest waste reduction impact can be made by turning from single use, over-packaged good to reusable ones. Take the humble water bottle, there is no need to use single serve plastic bottles. Similarly, utilising reusable food containers, or washable cutlery and crockery over plastic or even paper options makes a dramatic impact when providing for groups of people.

Where reusable isn’t an option, we seek biodegradable. There is an ever growing market for biodegradable products, where possible we source these options. Recycling is essential to landfill minimisation, as such we take the utmost care to recycle everything possible.

BOOBOOK’s guides make certain waste receptacles are always conveniently on hand during tours so all rubbish is appropriately disposed and their destinations remain beautiful.

We ask all our participants to think about their waste consumption and disposal habits and to act thoughtfully.

Small Groups

Operating small tour groups, capped at twelve people, isn’t just a tactic for good service. Limiting the number of feet stamping around, or cars in a convoy, at any one time makes a significant and positive impact on the environment.

Reducing mass tourism is a primary principle of ecotourism as it allows the living, and often delicate, environment to rejuvenate naturally. Limiting participants and changing walking paths is the key to encouraging regeneration and thus longevity of the ecosystem.

Our expert guides want to impart their wealth of knowledge to you.

We believe our little patch in this great world is truly special.

By limiting our tour sizes, we can more effectively share information and answer your questions.


With a team of ecologists, botanists and experts in our local flora and fauna, there is certainly a lot of information available to our guests. We believe the Roma area and surrounding Maranoa and Central Highlands regions have it all. From sunburnt plains to wild forests, impressive gorges, rivers, ranges and valleys. Not to mention the abundance of Aboriginal art – a glimpse into the world’s amazing past cultures!

Let our guides show and tell you about what makes our ‘patch’ special and how it all fits into the greater Australian landscape.

Keeping it Local

Many of the places you will visit on a BOOBOOK tour are located on private property. This is an extended principle of ecotourism, used to sustain local communities and culture. Some of the land you will visit is working land, and some of your guides are the owners and operators of this land.

Giving you the opportunity to see this part of the world, and this way of life, as told by the people who live here, helps to foster pride. Community pride is proven to lead to thoughtful practices.

Not to mention, a guide who is proud is a guide who is enthusiastic, entertaining, knowledgeable, and welcoming.

Economic Impact

Fundamentally, ecotourism steers away from the bottom line as a key driver. Nevertheless, the practices which are employed to preserve and educate are synonymous with economic success.

By focusing on locally sourced products and employing local guides, organised by a local tour operator, the profits go back into the community.

Locals, more than anyone else, tourists included, are invested in the sustainability of their region. Thus, the local income multiplier effect makes a significant and positive impact on the environment.

The BOOBOOK team love their part of the world, they want it to grow and flourish. Their daily practices are constantly seeking to encourage the environment and every decision is made with its impacts in mind. Come and explore the wonderful Roma and Injune townships and the surrounding Maranoa and Central Highlands regions with people who live there, people with a wealth of knowledge, and an award-winning ecotourism company.

Want to come and check out one of Australia’s wildest frontiers?