• Listen Out for the Striated Pardalotes

    July 26, 2018
    Pardalotes small bird outback Queensland ecology ecotourism read more

    These beautiful little birds are Striated Pardalotes, sometimes known by the old bush name ‘Chip Chip’. That name comes from one of its calls. Its repetitive ‘chip chip’ or ‘dick did it’ calls can be heard just about anywhere that eucalyptus trees grow in the Maranoa. The word ‘striated’ means striped or streaked: elsewhere this… Read more »

  • Spotted Bowerbird: Nature’s True Collector

    June 21, 2018
    Spotted Bowerbird outback queensland read more

    If you’ve ever been described as a bowerbird that’s not a bad thing! Bowerbirds are fantastic birds. Our Principal Ecologist and Tour Guide Craig Eddie recently took these photographs of a bower in some roadside vegetation in western Queensland. The bower belongs to our resident bowerbird in Outback Queensland – the Spotted Bowerbird. Like all… Read more »

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